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Our Goal

Legendary Supplements is committed to providing an extra boost to people over 40 who are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keeping up with an active lifestyle is difficult, with stress at work, busy home life, and obligations to meet. Sometimes sleep and nutrition end up paying the price for this, and Legendary wants to give you the foundation from which to build your health. Legendary helps you to live your best life.

Our Story

CEO, Executive Director, Wife, Daughter, we all wear multiple titles. I added "Mother" to my list twenty-one years ago, and, like so many parents, it demanded more of me than I thought I ever thought I was capable of. 

My oldest son was delivered via an emergency C-section with an umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. He was deprived of oxygen, so there was an urgent need for him to be delivered immediately. I'll never forget the fear I felt over whether or not he would survive. However, the  terrifying circumstances of his birth were only the beginning of many challenges he would face. As he began to grow, he missed the milestones that typical children hit. He didn’t make eye contact, didn’t babble, didn’t interact or answer to his name. He didn’t do any of those things for a long time. When he was 18 months old, my son was diagnosed with autism.

My husband and I were determined to face this diagnosis head-on and make sure it didn't hold him back in any way. Nearly two decades later, it hasn't. My son's upbringing and the help of others have made him the outstanding student, devoted friend, and son he is today.

This took patience, persistence, passion and praise. Patience to endure the weeks we felt like we failed. Persistence to power through with a new determination to break through the barriers that faced us. A passionate believe that what we were doing mattered and was going to make a lifelong difference in those we loved and those around us. And praise and celebration when we achieved the milestones that once felt unachievable.

Our mission

We know struggle, resistance, fear and doubt face all those who are bold enough to stand up to them every day. 

This is what inspired the "Legendary Supplement" brand. We want to help fuel those later in life that have eared the right to add the title "Legendary" to their list because of the patience, persistence, passion and praise they bring every day in their life and encourage in the lives around them. So whether you need help starting your day with success, being your best at work, refueling your body afterwards, getting an energy boost for your favorite hobbies or activities or resting and relaxing in the evenings, we are here to help you feel Legendary every day.


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